Music Monday: it was a hit

Bob Dubois
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Bob Dubois

It was under sunny skies this past Monday as music teacher Jennifer Hayden, complete with her Music Monday hat, led the VE students joining possibly more than 500,000 students from across Canada to celebrate the 5th annual Music Monday , a nation-wide simultaneous concert to celebrate music education in Canadian schools. Besides your local reporter, the school also attracted the attention of CTV’s Derek Conlon and cameraman for a Music Monday report on CTV News at 6.

Students and teachers from coast-to-coast took their music programs outdoors to perform the same song at the exact same time, uniting the country in song. This year’s song was “Sing Sing” written by Serena Ryder, and the students also sang the favorite from the last 2 years called, “Our Song” and the senior band also played one number. Music Monday is an initiative of the Coalition for Music Education to promote music in schools, and once again, it was another hit at VE with the biggest crowd of parents ever.

Now, Miss Jennifer is busily getting ready for the senior musical, entitled “Compose Yourself” to be held on Wednesday, the 20th at 6:30 at the BA Auditorium, and tix are $2.00. The story surrounds a group of students that have to do a music report on one of their favorite composers from another time and one of the composers come to life as they’re visiting a local museum. Throughout the show, students learn about many different composers through various songs, from sonatas to raps! Roll Over Beethoven!

Riverview There are some new free courses now being offered at the CLC for the community. On Mondays, it’s weight training from 5:30 to 6:15; on Wednesday, it’s Belly-Dancing from 5:30 to 6:45 and we’re told it’s not just limited to women, so calling all guys. Aw shucks, I’m busy on Wednesday nights! On Thursdays from 5:30 to 7:30, it’s Applying Makeup for the Workplace. As well; don’t forget the Kickboxing classes continue on Fridays from 5:15 to 6:15 with a cost of $24.00 per month. For more info and registering, call Miss Audrey Ottier, CLC Coordinator at the school at 761-4524.


The 30-hour famine is taking place this weekend starting at lunch on Friday and going to 6 pm on Saturday. At press time, 75 students have signed up, and students have to raise at least $50.00 to stay over. Donations go to World Vision Canada. The 30 Hour Famine, an international youth movement, is the largest youth fundraising event in Canada with over 150,000 participants annually. Participants collect donations for children in need and during the Famine dates, go without solid food for 30 hours.

The money raised helps children in need by providing things like nutritious food, basic medical care, clean water, and education. It would seem that BA is in good shape to surpass its mark of 2006 when they last participated and raised $4861.00.

Besides this week’s fashion show, more upcoming artistic events sure to please everyone. Next Wednesday and Thursday, the 13th and 14th, there will be another “Arts Bash” combining the talents of the dance and drama departments and as well, the visual arts area as they will have lots of art on display. Tix are $5 and showtime is 7:30 pm and Gary Lindner’s next concert is on Thursday, May 28th with the usual surprises and more on this in next issue.

Last but not least, Miss Tamara Beach informs us of a great National Poster and Essay Contest from MADD, giving young Canadians a chance to express their concerns about the dangers of impaired driving on a creative way. The deadline for junior students to send in entries was last week and winners will be announced shortly. There are 3 winners in each category being a MADD CANADA Sports Bag and cash prizes in reducing amounts.

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